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We’ve been working together for over 15 years. Whether we are working on a new project at home, setting up a photo booth for an event, or taking drone photos and videos for clients, you can see the dedication and passion we have for our clients. While videography may be new for us, we have found a love for it. When we are not working, you can find us at the movies, exploring our city, or just laying on the couch enjoying the quiet.



A homebody who enjoys movies, cheesesteak sandwiches, and backrubs. Kyle loves electronics and flying drones. He enjoys helping you find potential in your sale properties or photographing a new city. He handles all the drone operations and photography while Dana handles the day to day business operations.



A photographer herself, she knows the importance of providing you with new and unique perspectives for your event or session. When she’s not working with her own clients, she is booking clients for Kyle and handling the bookkeeping. While it doesn’t sound glamourous, she does get to edit the videos for you and she has found it can be very rewarding when the finished product is released into the world.


Top favorites for Kyle and Dana:

  • Kyle’s favorite vacation spot is Universal in Orlando, Florida

  • Dana’s favorite TV show is Charmed (1998)

  • Kyle enjoys sugar cookies over any other dessert

  • Dana loves crafting and her house plants.

  • Kyle and Dana love to travel the world together and creating memories

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Midlothian, Virginia


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